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Our journey started with a step of FAITH . . .      

It is our desire to bring HOPE to the people in southwest Uganda, through education and empowerment for a brighter future, so that each one would come to know & experience God's great LOVE for them.

Uganda is home to approximately 2.5 million orphaned children.  HIV/AIDS, illness and poverty contribute to the high rate of orphanhood.  Children in Uganda are at risk of extreme poverty and have a high chance of contracting malaria and HIV, along with the looming danger of conflict.

Gender inequality and the lack of women's rights are also prevalent.  Women are often abandoned by their husbands and left with the overwhelming task of raising and providing for multiple children.  Many women feel hopeless and see no way out of their desperate situation. 


As a result of seeing the immense needs in the communities around Mbarara, Gideon and the Ladies of Hope responded by reaching out to abandoned women who had turned to prostitution as a means of survival.  They introduced them to God's love and equipped them with skills to enable them to earn a living without turning back to the streets.  Most of the women were infected with HIV/AIDS and some died, leaving behind children who were not welcome anywhere, even with other relatives or grandparents.  With nowhere to go, they would have been left to the horrors of the streets, child prostitution, and crime.  Instead, in an act of faith, the Ladies of Hope took them in and provided shelter & education to show "the least of these" that they are valuable and worthy of love.

In 2015, they continued to expand their ministry outreach by starting J.O.E Foundation Primary School, often referred to as Hopeland.  Gideon became the Director and began providing Christ-centered education and meals to those who would have otherwise been unable to obtain an education.



In 2019 the ministry continued to grow and through partnership 

Journey of Empowerment Ministries was formed. 


The Lord has led the team to expand into areas of more strategic discipleship and into the villages beyond Mbarara.  


From the city of Mbarara 

To the villages beyond 

Rwakobo is a village located in southwestern Uganda, in Kiruhura District.  The village was formed as a displacement area following the war in the 1980's.  Hundreds of people from different tribes and nations were settled here by the government; however there were many more people than adequate land.


The government did not follow-up and the people continued to suffer due to the lack of basic social services such as schools, hospitals, roads, etc.  Although the area started with 2,000 prisoners of war, it now has over 7,000 people living in this area.  The level of illiteracy is high.  Young girls are often forced into marriages for money and wealth.  

The team has been prayerfully involved in this village for the last couple years and has built houses for a few widows.  God has recently opened the door to partner with the primary school in Rwakobo.  As the challenges were too great for the current school, they were going to have to disband and leave approximately 200 children without a source for education.  

Although many challenges lay ahead, we believe God wants more for these children and their families.  We will bring Christ-centered education to empower these children for a brighter future.  We are prayerfully seeking to establish     Wells of Hope Primary School in Rwakobo to reach this generation and the next with the love of Christ.


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