J.O.E Primary School, often referred to as Hopeland, is a Christian school that aims to provide for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children.

Realizing that education is one of the primary means of empowerment, Hopeland strives to offer excellent, Christ-centered education for the children it serves.  Reaching out to those who cannot afford the traditional schools in the area, Hopeland serves as a source of hope for the abandoned and under privileged children.  It provides a safe, loving environment in which to foster growth and independence.  They not only work to develop the mind, but also the body through physical exercise and sports.  

Children receive spiritual development through discipleship, Bible studies and evening devotions.

Christ-Centered Education

Kids at Hopeland Campus not only learn how to read and write, but they learn about their Creator.  The Word of God is taught through the curriculum & Bible studies, and the staff strive to model Christ to the children they teach.

Safe, Loving Relationships

At Hopeland, kids get to be kids.  They are taken off the streets, and given a loving, safe environment in which they can learn and grow. As they are empowered through education, they have hope for a brighter future.

Nutritious Meals

Many kids in the community may only get one meal a day, or not even that if their parents cannot afford it that day.  At school they receive meals so they can continue to learn and grow.

As we strive to serve the orphans and under privileged in the community, it is often a challenge to have the necessary funds for the education, school materials, food, teachers' salaries, medical care, and school up-keep.  Many single mothers and families are unable to afford even the smallest tuition request, so sponsors help to stand in the gap to provide the school fees for

many of the children.

Currently, 210 children are enrolled at Hopeland. It is our desire to receive sponsors for all of these children so they can continue their education without disruption.  Through generous supporters and God's provision and faithfulness, we aim to continue to offer love, education and hope to these vulnerable children.

If you would like to partner with J.O.E Ministries and empower a child to have a better future, please check out the sponsorship opportunities.  Any contribution will have a lasting impact on the lives of these kids and the future generation we hope to reach.

Uganda is home to approximately 2.4 million orphaned children.  Children are orphaned or abandoned most often due to illness or poverty in their families, or frequently a combination of both.  Many children may have parents who are living with HIV.  The death of a father has been a major contributing factor for orphanhood due to gender inequality and the lack of women's rights.  Children in Uganda are at risk of extreme poverty and have a high chance of contracting malaria and HIV, along with the looming danger of conflict.  Children continue to be left to defend themselves against life's harsh realities.

Women as well often struggle.  Many are left abandoned by their husbands, with the overwhelming task of raising and providing for multiple children. Out of desperation, many turn to the streets as a way to provide for themselves and their children.  Many women feel hopeless and see no way out of their desperate situation.


"Seeing the joy on their faces is truly priceless.  For such a small sacrifice on my part, I can help provide so much for them.  It is really such an incredible blessing to be able to partner with the girls' grandmother and assist her in sending her granddaughters to school." 

"It has blessed our entire family to sponsor Solomon & Esther at Hopeland.  My children have been able to see firsthand the meaning of John 3:16 - 'For God so love THE WORLD!' It has been our privilege to pray for Solomon & Esther and they have graciously prayed for us as well.  We are so thankful the Lord brought us together from opposite sides of the globe through Him!"

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