Ladies of Hope

Ladies of Hope is an exciting ministry that works to restore hope to women and families in the slums of Mbarara.  They were terribly burdened for the women they saw working the streets in prostitution.  Children and women are routinely thrown out into the streets to survive however they can. For children, it is to the garbage dumps; for women, it is to prostitution. There is little or no hope for them - the government refuses them, the churches ignore them, and society rejects them. 


However, a couple of ladies decided to show the love of Christ and do something, so they took several orphans into their own homes and started a class to teach former prostitutes how to sew. With these new skills, the women could support themselves making purses, bags, and clothing, and avoid returning to the streets.

Believing they were called to do more than just pray, the church donated funds to purchase sewing machines, fabric and other supplies.  The Ladies of Hope began to design purses to sell in hotels, stores and markets.  The church decided to continue to support these ladies and purchased over 200 bags.  

The excitement is not about the ladies, purses, money, or sewing machines, but about the hope that has been brought to those who had lost hope.  It is about what God can do through a small group of ladies who decide to trust Him and care enough to get involved.

The Ladies of Hope are one of the main supporters of J.O.E Primary School at the Hopeland Campus. Through catering events, tailoring, salon work and selling pavers, they raise money to pay for the school fees of several of the kids at Hopeland. Without their hard work and sacrificial giving, many kids would not be able to attend school.

The ladies are also involved in community outreach in the villages and local prisons, and they gather together to study the Word of God and encourage one another.


Partner with the Ladies of Hope by supporting them in their ministries and outreach.  By providing business capital, you enable them to have profitable employment while impacting their community through outreach to women and children.  

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