Rwakobo Housing Ministry

The Rwakobo Housing Ministry started in 2017 with the intent and desire to provide more secure housing to help homeless widows. Many people living in the area of Rwakobo, just outside Lake Mburo National Park, were resettled here by the government in the late 1980's.  However many do not have suitable land or houses, so they live in mud huts or simply under tarps. 

Maggie's Story

Maggie was found living with her two small children under a tarp draped over a few branches.  With the rainy season quickly approaching, God laid it upon the hearts of Gideon and the church to stand in the gap for Maggie and a few other homeless widows.  Stepping out in faith, they began to build a home for Maggie and her children.  

So far 3 houses have been built as a result of generous givers.


This ministry runs on the mercies of compassionate people who gather their resources whenever there is an emergency to build for a particular widow.  The average cost for building a house in this ministry is $2,000 - $3,000.

If you would like to contribute towards this ministry:


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