School Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program is a key piece of our ministry outreach. 

With approximately 48% of the Ugandan population being under the age of 15, the need for education & discipleship is immense. 


Many families are still living in extreme poverty, surviving on less than $2 per day.  As they struggle for even the basics, like enough food and a safe place to live, education is often unobtainable for these families and their children.


Ugandans do not have easy access to  free public education.  Although the government attempted to offer free primary education, the needs greatly exceeded the resources.  This led to large classroom sizes, unqualified teachers, and overall poor learning conditions.  To attend school and receive a decent education often requires a significant amount of money. 

It is commonly known that lack of education is one of the key determinants of extreme poverty.  It is with this knowledge and for these reasons that we felt led to assist with school sponsorship in order to provide children with quality, Christ-centered education and the chance to overcome poverty.

Our faithful partners provide so much with each dollar they give.  

It truly is more than just money that you are giving through the Sponsorship Program.  You are giving HOPE . . . You are giving a chance for a BETTER FUTURE, free from the streets, prostitution & crime. . .  You are giving LOVE!


Your partnership through the Sponsorship Program affects more than just the children, and provides more than just school fees.  Your impact through this program enhances the lives of many!

Your generous gifts contribute to . . . 

Regular meals at school, which is often more than they would get if they were just at home.


Enabling participation in healthy physical activity instead of going to the streets.


Enabling teachers to do what they love while receiving a fair wage to provide for their families.

Teachers' Salaries

Providing a safe place to sleep for those who have parents/guardians who are unable to care for them.

Safe Place to Sleep

Providing loving, safe relationships with mentors who are committed to investing in their lives. 


Offering medical care and health education for those who would be unable to afford the needed care.

Medical Care

Standing with families to help relieve financial strain so they  can care for their children.

Family Empowerment

Giving children the freedom to run, laugh & play as children should be able to do.


For a small investment of $25 per month, you can change the life and future of a child at Wells of Hope Primary School.  It is so much more than a gift of money.  It is truly a partnership to make a lasting impact on so many lives!

We are so appreciative of each and every one that partners with us as we try to reach "the least of these" in southwest Uganda.


Part of our Sponsorship Program is letting these children know they are special & loved!  

If you would like to sponsor a particular child, please send us an email and we will connect you with a child with whom you can write and share stories and even come visit!

Join us on this Journey of Empowerment  through our Sponsorship Program

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